The idea behind ReviewsTheBeast was quite simple. We knew there was an existing need for enough information for buyers about the products so they would be happy with their purchase instead of being sorry and regretting it.  That’s when we decided to come up with an online platform that rescues the prospective buyers from their dilemma and provides detailed, informative and impartial reviews. Reviews. The Beast acts as a one stop solution for information needs of the buyers.

Our Review Format

Our review format is simple and reader friendly. We choose the ten finest products from a particular product category and a write a detailed review about it all with the intention of helping the buyers make an informed purchase.

With the ‘Quick Check’ feature, you can very swiftly run through the three best products in the top ten. We select the top three as follows:

  • Best Overall: The ideal choice for the buyer. One that represents a perfect balance for the features it offers and the price the consumer has to pay.
  • Best Premium: The best premium represents the superlative product in the category which offers some high-end features but also comes at a premium price
  • Best Value: The best value represents the best affordable option that combines low price with some good features.

If you scroll down further in our review article you can go through some more amazing products out there in the market. We want to inform you that we choose the best products on the basis of user reviews and ratings and outside sources. We don’t receive any payment for any product to be featured on our site.

If you wish any product should be featured you can provide your suggestions here.

Buyers’ Guide

Apart from the information on the products themselves, we also provide the buyers with a buyers’ guide so they have all information about the product to make an informed buying decision. This section will enlighten you about the factors you need to look for in the product, background information about the product and the industry as a whole and any other relevant information.